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Speech and Language Therapy Treatment Consultation

Speech therapy techniques that can be easily implemented into a daily routine and can be administered by any caregiver will be provided. 


In most instances, the results of the comprehensive assessment will give us various and immediate clues and valuable ideas about what you can do with your loved one(s) on a daily basis to facilitate improvement in communicative function. 


On-going consultation and therapy guidance on a monthly basis for a total of 3 months post initial speech and language assessment is provided as part of the comprehensive speech and language assessment. 


As many 1:1 therapy services as desired can be provided directly from an SLP or SLP aide in addition to the monthly consultation. This is done on a case by case basis, per request, for an additional fee per each session.


The goal is to educate and empower you to learn and understand the basic techniques and very best manner in which to facilitate communication in various ways, every day, all day long.   


The price of Speech and language Therapy Treatment Consultation is included with the price of the comprehensive assessment.



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Comprehensive Speech and Language Assessments


Speech Language Therapy Treatment Consultation – Pediatric and Adult

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